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My name is Erin Cooper. By day, (and night sometimes too…) I’m the design brain behind CooperHouse, the small creative studio I run with my husband, Tim. When I’m not designing, or consulting on branding conundrums, I’m usually working on a painting or wrangling my two little redheaded daughters.

I started drawing & painting when I was a girl growing up in the Northwest. I’m from a fishing town called Port Orford on the southern Oregon coast, but as an adult I’ve lived all over the US. A few years ago I followed my husband to his boyhood home in the tornado alley, Oklahoma City. We bought a cute little house, with an office for him, a studio for me, and started our company together. We wanted to build a business that would allow us time to pursue our creative endeavors and spend lots of time with our babies.

On Pippin & Pearl you’ll find my art, design, bits about my life & family, and insights about my work. I hope you’ll stop by for a visit occasionally and pop into my shop for a look at my latest artwork & prints. I’m not currently accepting sponsors, but I’m always interested in meeting new creatives, so drop me a line.

I love reading comments on my blog & I try to respond to everyone. You’ll find me on Twitter pretty regularly sharing my day to day activities & random snarkisms with my friends. I post a lot of pictures of my kids, so if you’re allergic to babies, my Instagram will give you hives.