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Wardrobe Remix: Day 1

Last fall, before I started blogging regularly, I participated in the 30 for 30 Remix which is basically, 30 articles of clothing for 30 days. Each day you try to do a remix of those set items and in doing so, you learn to make do with less, and maybe examine your wardrobe more closely before dashing out to buy a new outfit.I thought Spring would be an excellent time to start this again, especially since I’ve added some fun new items of my own design, as well as a few thrifty finds, and a sampling of pretty things from local boutiques. The last time I did this, it was HARD. I mean, REALLY HARD. Especially on those days when nothing seems to quite work. I will attempt to post daily, but may end up doing a weekly round-up. I do have lots of other things I’d like to write about, so I may try to spread these out a bit. For now I’m shooting in my office on the chalkboard background, which is an obvious homage to my friend, Kathleen, but also because, you’ve seen my office, I really only have one wall available to pose on.  Kendi Everyday, the original author of this 30 for 30 Remix, shoots her images outside, so I’m thinking of trying a bit of that tooAs I post these, I will highlight the article of clothing that is “new” to the series. Today I’ll start with the cropped linen trouser. I just LOVE these! They are so comfortable, and I can easily dress them up with heels. I don’t know what it is about linen, but I always feel a little like I’m on vacation when I’m wearing them. I bought this pair at Wild.Flower in The Plaza District.When heading out, I almost ALWAYS throw on a scarf. I get cold easily, so I like to know I have a little coverlet, if I need it.