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I have a lovely post almost ready to go about my VINTAGE GLAM influences, but alas, I am waiting for my mother to send me a VERY illustrative photo that she has in her possession. So, that post will have to wait until tomorrow.There are some who hate Valentine’s Day and all it stands for, and I think I was one of them for many years. I never had a “love” on Valentine’s Day (although I did have a stalker once, but leaving me vampire novels and creepy love notes about our eternal bond is really more scary than romantic. Stalkers take note…) It wasn’t until I met my husband that I actually had a valentine from a man I loved, and boy did it turn me around. Plus, I think there is something really positive and exciting about taking a day to declare your love for someone. Or something. (Can you ask a pair of shoes to be your valentine? I would.)We celebrated early on Saturday night with a lovely dinner out. I wore my latest thrifty find — a frou-frou party dress I found at a 2nd hand store for $8. Not too shabby considering how fancy-pantsy I felt in it! My belt was a vintage ’80s stretchy belt that I styled with one of my favorite sparkly brooches, and a fascinator/pin that I sometimes wear on my head. I like to mix it up. 😉

For Valentine’s Day, my sweet husband got me a beautiful necklace made by local artist, Anna Chakola Ramsey. It’s a natural emerald encased in gold and I think it’s simply the prettiest thing he’s gotten for me (beside’s my engagement ring) and I can’t stop talking about it. It’s really special because it’s my birthstone (and my daughter’s since she was born on my birthday!) and I’ve never had a piece of birthstone jewelry that I really loved. Anna makes some gorgeous accessories and I definitely recommendAll those years I was busy hating being without someone on Valentine’s Day never got in the way of my hoping to find the right person to spend the day with. So if you’re spending the day solo, take some time to treat yourself right. Buy a pretty gift for yourself, pamper yourself, and make a grand gesture of love for yourself. It’s better to be alone, then spending the day with a jerk-face who isn’t treating you right. 🙂 Or your creepy vampire lovin’ stalker. I speak from experience.