There is a fine line between inspiration & copying/making a knock-off. Let’s cover that first, shall we? If you make something EXACTLY like something you see in a store, and then try to sell it to others  claiming it came from that store, or saying that you thought of this brilliant idea all by yourself, then it’s a lie. And we all know lying is wrong. HOWEVER, if you see something in a store that you admire, you use your own resources to create something similar, and then wear it yourself,  giving credit where it’s due, then it’s no lie. It’s yours, you made it, and you’re not trying to claim anything about it that isn’t true. So, be inspired by these DIY ideas {that were inspired by one of my favorite shops, Anthropologie}  and make something that’s unique, just for you! {or a friend. It should be noted that I LOVE HANDMADE PRESENTS. Charm necklaces have always been a great way to display a whole cluster of fun items, especially when they have meaning for you. I have been putting aside pendants and things that I really love for a while with the intention of making a necklace for Elise to wear one day, and I love the timeless look of this project.A necklace like this would be a fantastic way to use vintage brooches, or even clip-on earrings. I love the idea of wearing something ornate with a really simple dress. Statement necklaces are still a big trend and according to fashion spreads for Fall 2011, they aren’t going anywhere for a whileThis project doesn’t actually show directions, but the supplies are easy to find and something so simple wouldn’t be hard to figure out. I have been experimenting with recycled tee strands and wooden beads for a couple months and have been making all kinds of fun necklaces for DNA Galleries in the Plaza District. I hadn’t even thought of doing something with plain colored beads, but now I may have to experiment a little more. Pretty!If you live in Oklahoma City, I’d like to encourage you to check out LIVE on the Plaza tonight.  This fantastic community has an art event every month. We love going down to hang out with friends and see all the amazing stuff going on down there. Hope to see you there!