You’ll carry this on the plane as your PURSE. You will put all your most important stuff in here for your trip.You will then need an expandable CARRY-ON BAG. I kinda dig this one because it can also be a backpack, but I’m kind of a backpack wearing sort of person, and not everyone is. So, now listen, don’t go buy a fou-fou piece of luggage just because you think you need to impress other designers as you are rolling through the lobby. Let’s be practical here. It’s more important to get a bright luggage tag, just in case you do end-up having to check your bag and identify it amongst a sea of black bags.

The reason you need the expandable bag is because you WILL come home with swag. All kinds of little things you didn’t plan on bringing back with you. You’ll note I didn’t say — bring a fancy notebook or pen, because I got gifted with 3 notebooks last year, and a bunch of pens. You’ll be set on that front.