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New Year & New Art

January 12, 2013

I’ve stocked my store with lots of lovely canvases recently and I’d love to send a few to new homes so that I can make room in my studio for some new works. So, I’ve lowered the prices a bit — everything in my shop is $300 and under — AND, I’m sharing a  30% discount with you all for the next 7 days. I’ll be closing up shop on the 20th in preparation for my trip to Alt Summit, but if you order in the next week, I’ll be sure to send your new painting out to you within 24 hours of purchase.


30% Off Discount Code: CANVASONLY2013

This discount does not apply to calendars, so please don’t use it if you are purchasing a calendar in conjunction with a painting. This discount does not apply to commission pieces, so please don’t use it if you’re purchasing a reserved listing. Go take a look at my shop and see which of these paintings needs to come live at your house!

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My Word.

January 9, 2013

releaseIn 2013, I am releasing myself from my bad habits.

…And while I’m at it, I’m releasing you from your bad habits.

My husband, a very wise man, once told me that getting good at something always takes practice. It might take some people longer to learn the piano, or learn to knit, or whatever, but if you practice every day, you’ll get it right eventually.  I think this year it’s time for me to release myself from the past, and make a habit of being more positive, worrying less, and just trying to look at each day as a fresh blank canvas, ready to be filled with awesome.

So there it is, my word for 2013. What’s yours?

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Branching Out

January 7, 2013

If you follow my Instagram  then you may have seen some of my new paintings I’ve been working on with some abstract portraiture involved. I’m not abandoning my style at all, but I am having fun trying something new. I kept saying that I was done with painting portraits, but it felt like every time I started painting someone, I got really bogged down in the details and it started feeling like an assignment or a long checklist of items I HAD to complete to make it RIGHT. This new style feels really natural and fun for me, and adds an interesting dimension to abstract color play. I don’t know where it will go, or for how long… But I’m enjoying this little experiment.  07-IMG_587304-IMG_5869
You can purchase these paintings, and others in my Etsy shop

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

I hope you all had an amazing holiday. I spent some time catching up on paintings, playing games with my babies, and snuggling with the hubs. I am itching to get back to business, especially the business of promoting my artwork a little more. One of the steps in that process is launching my little shop at Society 6, a website that allows artists to create prints & products showcasing their work. I’ve been wanting to create iPhone cases for a while, so in response to a few requests, here are the 3 designs I’ve settled on.

JAWS jaws

You can purchase these fancy little cases for any model iPhone at my Society 6 shop. Go have a look and be sure to comment here telling me your favorite design, and if there are any paintings you like to see added to the collection.

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From Us 2 You

December 19, 2012
Layout by Erin Cooper - Image by Glass Eye Studios

Layout by Erin Cooper – Image by Glass Eye Studios

Well friends, then end of 2012 is nearly here. Exactly one year ago tonight, I was pacing the floor of our house, about to give birth and wondering how different our lives would be. (Happy Birthday Eve, Bebedele!)  It turns out, starting a business and having a baby make you REALLY BUSY. I tried not to fall into the Busy Trap, but only partially succeeded. Our little creative studio, CooperHouse, took off like a rocket thanks to our amazing friends & clients who shared about us online. We have worked hard to find a balance this year between our family & our work, and we hope to do even better this year because we are finally getting so many leads that we can afford to get a little help from our talented colleagues, and choose awesome clients that are a great fit for us. We’ve also look forward to hosting & teaching more WorkShops in 2013.

I thank every one of my readers who commented & emailed me this year. I appreciate all the love you have shown for my work, my art, and my posts here. I’m also really excited to be attending Alt Summit next month with some of my favorite girlfriends, Rachael(Really) & Rachel (PencilShavingsStudio) where I will meet lots of other design bloggers (and some readers!) and soak up all that creative bloggy energy. (Wheee!)

I thank everyone who shared in our ups & downs with our sweet babies in 2012. I’ve gotten close to some of you via Instagram, and I love sharing that little window into your lives. We are fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing community here in Oklahoma City, and in the online world. So… IF THE WORLD ENDS (ha!), I just want you all to know. It’s been a great ride. Catch you on the flip side.

Happy Holidays from Erin + Tim + Elise + Adele

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