A long long (long) time ago B.C. (before children) , when Tim and I were first dating and during the early years of our marriage, we had a LOT of free time. Time for leisurely brunches, dinner parties, ski weekends, camping trips…AND, recording holiday albums, y’know, for fun. We recorded these songs and sent them to our far flung families & friends as a holiday gift.

We did a lot of things together that bonded us in those early years, but these songs really represent our first creative collaboration and we love listening to them together. This album isn’t anything fancy — we recorded in our little sound booth in our house — and Tim played all the instruments, with the exception of Silent Night where I played guitar. Tim produced & mixed everything — he’s talented like that — and we took turns singing. The player below allows you to listen, or download the MP3 using the little arrows on the right hand side. So, go have a listen. I hope you get a kick out of our little collection!