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July 9, 2014

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. ” – Marc ChagallGallery_Exhibition_03

When I first started painting again, I felt locked into my design sensibility. Everything I created needed to have a purpose. I was placing value on work based on the time I spent creating it, just like I did with design. The break came when I realized the difference between my design work and my art work.

Design has a job to do, and if it doesn’t do it’s job, it has no value. Art is the sum of the experiences attached to it. The artist’s experience creating it, the audience’s experience at a glance or if they study it. It’s a totally different language, that I know I’m nowhere near mastering, and the struggle for me is to assign value based on my own experience.

Starred Photos3

Two weeks ago, I began a daily art project. My practice is intended to keep me from falling into familiar patterns when I create. If I let too much time pass, then I end up going back to my locked in grid, and I know that I’m capable of more. I have to make a practice of letting the work flow, being present, and not allowing fear of the unknown to hamper my expression or creativity.   As part of my daily art project, I’ve been creating small pieces in a tiny sketchbook using a variety of mediums. Watercolor, Prismacolor Markers, india Ink, pencil, and watercolor pencil.

I’m amassing a pile of tiny bits of artwork and I keep wondering what I will do with them in the end, but when I put them together in a group, I see the pathways I’m traveling and I can see that these pieces are all related to each other. The value lies in the journey and in each little step I take in the process of creating.

You can see close-ups of the sketches and more of my daily art work on BEHANCE. Also, if you’d like to follow along on the #dailyerincooperart project, be sure to follow me on Instagram @pippinpearl

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June 27, 2014

The Summer has descended upon us and the past few weeks have back-to-back patio parties, family adventures, and general schedule upheaval. On top of our already crazy work schedule, I’ve gotten the opportunity to create a series of paintings for a new store opening in Oklahoma City. I’ve been busy updating my portfolio and generally trying to freshen up my online world as I’ve neglected writing in favor of my brush.

We recently took the babies to the National Cowboy Museum and they had such a fun time that I had to share. The children’s portion of the museum was a big hit (as you can see) and the recreated old West town was very entertaining. Bebedele seems especially ready to embrace the cowboy culture. We may have to get her some boots!
IMG_2621IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2661 IMG_2662

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The Rookery

May 6, 2014


I bet you guys thought I was trapped under something heavy… and I totally was. I’m okay now though and I’m working feverishly on finishing a series of new works called, “The Rookery” for a show in OKC at Perch’d on May 15th during the Automobile Alley ShopHop from 5 – 9 pm.

“Erin Cooper is showcasing “The Rookery”, a collection of new works created in between, and inspired by, the cacophony of parenthood. This exhibition of bright & energetic abstract paintings represent the push and pull of daily life. These paintings show elements of constraint, and then push the boundaries of what beauty can be created within those constraints. The journey of parenthood, and the interruptions, can be seen in the punctuations of color and light, mixed with the struggle to remain present and fluid.”

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll see lots of sneak peeks, and if you’re local & a friend, you’ve probably already gotten the FB evite.  So, if you’re free, come down and see me. It’s my birthday party too, so you should DEFINITELY come at least give me a hug or something.

See you soon!


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Why don’t you experiment?

April 2, 2014

I don’t think it’s any secret that art is the salve for my soul. Part of the reason I’ve gotten away from selling my paintings is just because it brought this undue pressure to make my art into something that was about success, when in reality, it’s about something else entirely. That’s not to say that I don’t want success, but what I want more than anything is to have the experience of making art and being an artist. If I only make art that is about selling, then I can’t allow myself to experiment the way I want to. So, I am taking this year off to learn and try new things.

My teacher, Bert Seabourn, showed me a mixed media sketch book that he’d filled completely with beautiful paintings. Each page was worthy of hanging in a gallery. Inspired by this idea, I’ve gotten my own book and I’m practicing a lot of new techniques and subject matter in an attempt to learn something about myself, and my process. I’ve started back to my drawing just to better this skill, and to focus more on some of the things I’m interested in, but haven’t pursued before.

I’m early into this process and have only filled a few pages yet, but I’m sharing a watercolor portrait I did of my beautiful friend (and favorite videographer) Kara Choate. She’s such an inspiring person and also, she has the prettiest eyebrows of anyone I know. ;)



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La Baguette Bistro

March 28, 2014

If you’ve been paying attention to my Instagram, you might have seen some sneak peaks of a project I’ve been working on with my talented friend, Quit Nguyen. We had the pleasure of styling & photographing (and tasting!) some of the delicious food from La Baguette Bistro, for the new catering menu. Chef Alain Buthion has been busy preparing some new dishes and some classic favorites for addition to the already impressive catering selection. LaBaguetteBistro

Because the catering menu is tailored to every event, we wanted to create something that would allow the staff to insert custom menus, contracts, and additional information about the private dining area available at La Baguette Bistro. We decided to create a folder designed to look a bit like a posh food magazine, and then the inside would showcase the food available, and have a slot for the custom menus. We experimented with several different styles of setup, and ultimately decided the beautiful array of desserts had to be the cover image. The inside was a collage style layout highlighting the menu and it’s variety.


La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL7826

La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL7876

La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL7881

La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL8478

La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL8549



La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL8482

Art Direction & Design: Erin Cooper  |  Photography: Quit Nguyen

To learn more about CooperHouse, visit our website:

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