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Workshop Giveaway Winner

April 18, 2014

Thank you to everyone who entered our CooperHouse workshop giveaway. We were pleased to see so many of you that entered and shared your stories about your small businesses.

The winner of our ticket is: LINDSAY ZODROW from Collected Thread!

And even though we can only give away one ticket, we are giving all of you readers a bonus:

CooperHouse OKC Workshop 25% off discount code: pippinpearl

Additionally, if you schedule a brand consult with CooperHouse before June 1st, you’ll receive a digital copy of our Digital Creative course materials.

To register for this event, visit:
To schedule a brand consult with CooperHouse visit:

We are looking forward to hosting our next OKC workshop at the beautiful Dunlap Codding space on Film Row.


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CooperHouse Workshop Giveaway – Closed

April 16, 2014


Good morning friends, & happy Wednesday! It SNOWED this week. That’s right… So, it seems fitting that we should be doing something that is a very rare occurrence around these parts, and that is a GIVEAWAY. We are excited to give an opportunity to a local small business that could potentially change the trajectory of their success in a big way.


We are giving away (1) ticket to our OKC Digital Creative Workshop (a $500 value) AND (1) CooperHouse brand consult session (a $150 value). This prize includes: Examining & assessing your existing brand & website, discussing your goals, a little brand brainstorming, and creating a plan to execute as you move forward with your new skills that you acquire at our 2-day graphic design workshop.

CooperHouse is hosting the Digital Creative workshop May 30th & 31st in Oklahoma City, and is geared towards small businesses, artists, and bloggers. This workshop will teach Photoshop, Illustrator and basic graphic design techniques specifically for online marketing & promotion. The emphasis will be in creating beautiful design, elevating your brand, maintaining continuity, and teaching you the skills to take control of your visual content.

Our workshop will teach basic technical graphic design skills and design fundamentals. We want you to learn how to use the tools, and then learn how to use them to create good products specifically intended for your business. This workshop will give you working knowledge of Photoshop & Illustrator, even if you’ve never tried using these programs before. The CooperHouse Digital Creative Workshop will be a 2 day course, held on Friday, May 30th and Saturday, May 31st from 8-5 pm. The class will be held in Oklahoma City in Dunlap Codding on Film Row event space in downtown OKC.

Why are we hosting this workshop?

At CooperHouse, we work primarily with small businesses and we feel that this unique demographic is often at a disadvantage when it comes to creating visual content for their websites & social media feeds.

When a small business invests in a website & a brand, they may not always have the funds to hire a designer long-term to help reinforce the brand. Lots of businesses DIY their design for promotions, and we believe that teaching them the right way to design, and giving them the tools they need will help eliminate poor layouts, ineffective visuals, and embarrassing mistakes. Learning to be a professional graphic designer does take years and years, but the fundamentals necessary to learn basic promotional design using Photoshop & Illustrator can be taught in a workshop, especially if the student is diligent with practice.

Ultimately, our goal is to reach out to our community and offer something that could have an immediate effect on the success of these small businesses, and empower non-designers to create visual messages that are effective & help elevate their brand.

Here’s a look at some of the information we’ll be covering in our workshop:


If you can join us May 30th & 31st in OKC, then leave a comment below letting us know how you’d benefit from attending, and then tweet about the giveaway with a link to this post and include @pippinpearl or @cooper_house in the tweet. The winner will be drawn on Friday, April 18th.

To register for this event, visit:
To learn more about CooperHouse visit:

Winner announced HERE

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Why don’t you experiment?

April 2, 2014

I don’t think it’s any secret that art is the salve for my soul. Part of the reason I’ve gotten away from selling my paintings is just because it brought this undue pressure to make my art into something that was about success, when in reality, it’s about something else entirely. That’s not to say that I don’t want success, but what I want more than anything is to have the experience of making art and being an artist. If I only make art that is about selling, then I can’t allow myself to experiment the way I want to. So, I am taking this year off to learn and try new things.

My teacher, Bert Seabourn, showed me a mixed media sketch book that he’d filled completely with beautiful paintings. Each page was worthy of hanging in a gallery. Inspired by this idea, I’ve gotten my own book and I’m practicing a lot of new techniques and subject matter in an attempt to learn something about myself, and my process. I’ve started back to my drawing just to better this skill, and to focus more on some of the things I’m interested in, but haven’t pursued before.

I’m early into this process and have only filled a few pages yet, but I’m sharing a watercolor portrait I did of my beautiful friend (and favorite videographer) Kara Choate. She’s such an inspiring person and also, she has the prettiest eyebrows of anyone I know. ;)



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La Baguette Bistro

March 28, 2014

If you’ve been paying attention to my Instagram, you might have seen some sneak peaks of a project I’ve been working on with my talented friend, Quit Nguyen. We had the pleasure of styling & photographing (and tasting!) some of the delicious food from La Baguette Bistro, for the new catering menu. Chef Alain Buthion has been busy preparing some new dishes and some classic favorites for addition to the already impressive catering selection. LaBaguetteBistro

Because the catering menu is tailored to every event, we wanted to create something that would allow the staff to insert custom menus, contracts, and additional information about the private dining area available at La Baguette Bistro. We decided to create a folder designed to look a bit like a posh food magazine, and then the inside would showcase the food available, and have a slot for the custom menus. We experimented with several different styles of setup, and ultimately decided the beautiful array of desserts had to be the cover image. The inside was a collage style layout highlighting the menu and it’s variety.


La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL7826

La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL7876

La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL7881

La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL8478

La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL8549



La Baguette Bistro Catering Menu Final2014_LOL8482

Art Direction & Design: Erin Cooper  |  Photography: Quit Nguyen

To learn more about CooperHouse, visit our website:

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Taking It To The Street.

March 27, 2014

I love working on local projects. I mean, I love working on design period, but when I get to be a part of the coolest stuff that is happening in OKC, it really thrills me. So, when CooperHouse was invited to work on the rebrand for Western Avenue, we were 100% on board, although we weren’t sure what to expect.  We’ve never branded an entire district before, but knowing and loving so many businesses on Western Avenue, and listening to the committee and it’s members gave us great direction and inspiration.


“Western Avenue is a thriving commercial district in the heart of Oklahoma City. In addition to being a historic part of the city, Western Avenue is a modern, vibrant neighborhood that is home to many of the communities most beloved locally owned businesses.

An important part of the city’s urban fabric, Western Avenue is lined by an exciting selection of locally-owned businesses that provide a strong connection to the city itself. Here, among an eclectic mix of stylish shops and boutiques, tantalizing restaurants, antique and furniture stores, and famous art galleries, one can find most anything they want. Small wonder, Western Avenue has become a destination all its own.

Bordered by several of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Western Avenue is a popular area for local residents and a welcoming spot for visitors seeking genuine Oklahoma hospitality. Running approximately three miles long, this homey stretch of avenue oozes Midwestern charm balanced with an urban flair, providing an unparalleled OKC experience.”


When it came time to bring the brand to life with a new web presence, we collaborated with Adrian Young, the newly appointed executive director of the Western Avenue Association, to build something that would be flexible, interactive and give us a platform with which to grow the brand and the community.

We decided to use a responsive design with a grid that would showcase all the members of the association.  The grid uses a filter for each of the business categories,  and when you sort them, the page animates with a responsive “masonry” effect. Each business gets to have a page of their own with a set parameter of customizations based on their level of membership, which also affects their prominence in the grid. We also incorporated an interactive map that will allow us to add new businesses as they become members.

A large portion of the design on this site was just in designing the grid. Sorting through logos and images that members had submitted and creating tiles that would all harmonize together. The color cues are intended to create a cohesive appearance, in spite of the fact that we have a lot different images and logos. It was a big team effort to get this site together in such a short time frame, but I’m really grateful for my CooperHouse team and everyone who helped along the way.

View The Project

Art Direction & Design: Erin Cooper  |  Photography: Quit Nguyen  |  Development: Tim Cooper & Dane Strom

To learn more about CooperHouse, visit our website:


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